Cream soups, | Basis for products

Iglo Drops

Cream soups, basis for products, and stocks; 100% ready-made or condensed

Iglo Drops basis for gastronomy are products which not only shorten the time needed for preparation of the meals or reduce costs of such preparation, but they also enable you to enrich the menu by offering original dishes. Iglo Drops basis for sauces or soups, in HoReCa, create opportunities for chefs to guarantee replicability of serving dishes, preserving their appearance and taste, which is one of the fundamental conditions for a prospering restaurant as well as a hotel or catering kitchen.

As a manufacturer of frozen soups in Iglo Drops form, we pay special attention to a balanced composition and unique taste of our products. When we speak about creating new dishes, we speak about the art of cookery, which means we consider every ingredient essential, and therefore, our stocks and soups for HoReCa and B2B are made of the highest quality raw materials.

Every good chef looks for ingredients that will enrich the taste of their dishes and make them unique. The aroma, as well as proper colour and texture of our soups and basis for products, constitute a guarantee that meals based on them will be distinguished by exceptional, easy to replicate taste. Moreover, their preparation, especially under time pressure, will be quick and easy.

As a manufacturer of frozen stock in Iglo Drops form we offer you products that are manufactured only from raw materials supplied by certified suppliers, undergo restrictive quality supervision, and are preserved by a natural process of freezing. Easy, traditional cooking is our strength, and therefore, there is no need to add any flavour enhancers or colourants to our products.

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