flavoured butter for fish

Iglo Drops

flavoured butter for fish, seafood, and meat

Using in your kitchen ready-made fillings for fish and meat dishes is a sure method to create meals that always taste delicious. Our fillings constitute highest quality ingredients, and implementing them permanently in your kitchen will enable you to easily replicate the taste you want to achieve. As a manufacturer of flavoured butter in Iglo Drops form we guarantee you 100% availability of our products; products that will help you create truly unique meals.

Our recipes, based on traditional cooking, will surprise you with their flavour due to the fact we use carefully selected herbs and spices from all over the world. Since our fillings are manufactured in a practical form of Iglo Drops, they can be used in both an automatic as well as a manual stuffing of the dishes.

According to our clients’ wishes we can change the shape and manoeuvre the grammage of our products from 12g to 20g. Another advantage of our products is their thermostability, which means they preserve their flavour, colour and consistency during thermal processes.

Flavoured butter for fish and steaks is another Iglo Drops proposition, carefully created in terms of ingredients, and a reason for us to be proud. Similarly to fillings for meat, flavoured butter constitutes an offer mainly for B2B clients but also for HoReCa. It is ideal for those who wish to gain standardized, unique culinary solutions, available regardless of the season or current trends on the market.

High quality and excellent values of our flavoured butter and fillings are confirmed by restrictive internal supervision. Our products are manufactured only from raw materials supplied by certified suppliers, and are preserved by a natural process of freezing. Those advantages guarantee quick and easy preparation of meals with unique taste and unswerving culinary rank.