Ready-made sauces for pasta

Iglo Drops

Ready-made sauces for pasta

Iglo Drops brand was created in the beginning of 2014. Since then, we’ve delivered high quality sauces for pasta, naturally preserved by freezing, to gastronomy sectors and B2B clients. Due to our flexibility of operation, and appreciated value of our products, we’ve become a leading manufacturer of frozen sauces for HoReCa and B2B clients on the national market.

What are the advantages of a cooperation with us?
Frozen Iglo Drops sauces are 100% ready-made products, created with taste, and in consultation with our clients. We will do our best to meet the requirements even of those most demanding, offering excellent basis for dishes served with pasta.

What is so special about our products?
We owe our competitiveness to meticulous and restrictive quality control of the products we manufacture as well as to stress on high quality and good taste of those products. Our sauces are manufactured only from raw materials supplied by certified suppliers. During production we do not use any additional means to extend the best-before date of our sauces. We are proud to say we cook traditionally, according to tested and healthy recipes. Therefore, there is no need for us to add any flavour enhancers or colourants.

Why is it good to use Iglo Drops products?
- You can be sure the products are replicable and of the highest quality
- Your personnel will be able to quickly and easily create delicious meals,
- You will be able to precisely estimate the amount needed to create a portion of a meal as well as its cost,
- You will not have to worry about waste – our products are 100% ready-to-eat