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Good cooking base! taste in a small form< for every dish

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About Iglo Drops

Iglo Drops brand was created in the beginning of the 2014 by creating and then putting on the market innovative products such as portioned out sauces (1pc = 17g) which were very well received by the gastronomic sector and B2B clients. In response to the growing demand for other products in Iglo Drops form, we expanded our offer to soups, sauces, basis, fillings, and flavoured butter. After six years we can admit that we have achieved success and that we are a leading manufacturer of such products in the frozen food industry.

Iglo Drops brand was created for:

* gastronomic chains,

* smaller HoReCa receivers,

* manufacturers of ready-made frozen dishes for the retail sector,

* meat processing plants,

* fish processing plants,

* international trade agents.

Iglo drops

Offer addressed to B2B customers

This offer is designed for B2B clients, who expect highest quality standards, creation of unique and dedicated only for them products. We offer them special, mutually beneficial terms of cooperation as well as partnership based on trust.

Advantages of our solutions in B2B:

  • creation of products that are compatible with the requirements of our business partners,
  • replicability of high quality standards,
  • individual approach to every customer and their business,
  • professional help of the Project Coordinator and New Project Development department,
  • beneficial terms of cooperation,
  • convenient completion date of projects and orders,
  • years of successful experience in production of dedicated products,
  • willingness to invest in new technologies.

Iglo Drops + customer’s semi-finished product = ready-made and delicious dish

Sauces for pasta

Sauces for meat dishes

Sauces for fish and seafood

Flavoured butter
and thermostable fillings

Cream soups


Iglo drops

for gastronomic chains

This offer is designed for gastronomic chains that expect high quality standards and unique ready-made products. Gastronomy, due to trends and seasonality, constantly develops, and looks for new dishes and flavours. Our modern technology and unlimited options to create various Iglo Drops products constitute an ideal solution for restaurants.

Advantages of Iglo Drops in gastronomic chains:

  • accurate cost and portion control,
  • replicability of high quality products,
  • quick and easy preparation,
  • reduced cost of investment in machines and staff training,
  • no material waste,
  • creation of products that are compatible with the requirements of our business partners.

Iglo Drops + customer’s semi-finished product = ready-made and delicious dish


Sauces for pasta

Cream soups


Iglo Drops



Iglo Drops basis are a great solution for those who like to create when cooking. Our tomato or cream basis give unlimited options in making clients’ favourite dishes. You can use them to prepare soups as well as sauces for pasta, pizza, meat, and casserole.

Ready-made sauces

These are ready-made products that pose an ideal basis for dishes with pasta. We work with our clients to compose a required flavour and match each detail of the recipe to their demands. This is what distinguishes us on the market! We are open to cooperation, and flexible in creating new flavours to meet the requirements of most demanding clients.


NEW ON THE MARKET! COOKING REVOLUTION! Iglo Drops stocks are condensed soups designed according to our innovative technology. They are natural, without any preservatives or flavour enhancers, vegetarian and very cost-effective. From 1kg of Iglo Drops product you receive 4 litres of soup.

Cream soups

Our ready-made cream soups possess intense flavour and colour, and taste amazing during every season. We adjust our offer to seasonality and trends. Frozen Iglo Drops soups are dedicated to big gastronomic chains where quickness and easiness of preparation, as well as standardization play the key role.

Flavoured butter and thermostable fillings

These are ideal to use as fillings for meat products or to fry up seafood (e.g. shrimps). We manufacture high quality products, based on butter or with the addition of margarine (RSPO certificate). Our carefully created recipes are enriched with herbs and spices. Practical form of Iglo Drops enables manual as well as automatic filling. We can change the grammage of 1 piece – from 12g to 20g as well as change the shape of Iglo Drops on demand of our clients. Flavoured butter and thermostable fillings preserve their flavour, colour and consistency during thermal processes.

Iglo Drops


Iglo Drops are primarily high quality products and excellent taste. We guarantee our clients and consumers that our products undergo very strict quality controls. We produce only from raw materials from certified suppliers. Freezing is a natural preservative, so we do not use additional measures to extend the shelf life. Our strong point is simple, traditional cooking, so there is no need to enrich products with flavor enhancers, aromas and colourants.

freezing natural preservative

highest quality

100% natural